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Stories that you confided to us

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Svitlana Holovina

"We live on benefits and part-time jobs"

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There are no jobs in our village. All schools, shops and pharmacies are closed. You can't even buy food. There is a checkpoint on the next street. The village is located on the lien of demarcation, so most of the residents have left.

 Five houses were destroyed by shelling on our street. Our house was also hit. We were in the garden that time, so we had run. The windows broke down everywhere. Glass and iron shards were all over the courtyard. We patched up the walls of the house and glased the windows, but we live in constant fear.

We hear the sounds of explosions just behind the wood line. The ground is shaking, but we still try to work in the vegetable gardens. We will plant them now so as to have food to pass the winter. The plant has been shut down.

 I have a small pension, and my grandfather does not receive a pension at all. So we live on benefits and part-time jobs. We have to go to neighboring villages - Pavlopol, Hnutovo or Talakivka - to buy some bread.

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