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Rinat Akhmetov



In 2014, a big disaster came to my homeland — Donbass. The name of the disaster is war. It did not spare anyone, neither children or old people.

In those days my heart ached, and I thought only of one thing – how to help my country people? What can I personally do to save them?

It turned out that I was not the only one asking myself such questions. The leaders of our enterprises and companies called me and said: «We are ready to help! What do I need to do?»

Therefore, we have combined all our efforts, all our potential and created a Humanitarian Center.

Back then the Center and our volunteers, the most caring people I have met in my life, worked 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They did not have days off and holidays, they risked their lives every day, every minute. But they were not afraid of anything and did not feel sorry for themselves.

They did everything in their power to help the most vulnerable groups of people – children, the elderly, single mothers, and the disabled.

Help them leave the «hot spots», bring them food and medicine. Thus, simple support with a kind and warm human word is also important!

Every day of our Center work means thousands of saved people's lives. And thousands of stories – stories of trouble during the war. Those are stories about sadness from the loss of their native home, stories about  salvation and finding a peaceful life. Indeed, this is our pain and our unhealed wound. However, we share pride for all the great work carried out by the Humanitarian Center.

I would like all these stories not to be erased from my memory, our memories will remain forever. I am sure that by remembering them we will be able to understand the whole calamity, which means that each of us will do everything to prevent the tragedy from happening again.

But first the war must be stopped! And the efforts of all those on whom it depends must be directed to just that!

Our children, our parents should live in peaceful, happy and thriving town Donbass!»

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