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Rinat Akhmetov



In 2014, a disaster struck my homeland Donbas. The disaster is known as "war". It hit everyone: both children and old people.

It was really breaking my heart and I was thinking of one thing only - how to help my fellow citizens. What can I do to save them?

It turned out that I was not the only one asking myself these questions. The heads of our businesses and companies called me and said: "We are ready to help! What can we do?"

So, we combined all our efforts and our potential and created The Humanitarian Centre.

The staff and volunteers of the Humanitarian Centre, the most caring people I have ever met in my life, worked 24/7, with no days off or holidays, risking their lives every day and every minute. They were not afraid of anything and did not spare themselves.

They did everything in their power to help the most vulnerable people: children, the elderly, single mothers, and people with special needs. They helped people leave the hotbeds of the conflict, and brought them food and medication. Finally, they just supported them with kind and warm words. This is also very important!

Every day of the Centre's work means thousands of saved fates. And thousands of witness accounts – stories of troubles and sufferings during the war. Stories of people who have lost their homes, who have been saved and finally found the peaceful life. This is a painful non-healing wound for us. But at the same time, we are proud of the tremendous work the Humanitarian Centre has done.

I don't want these stories to be erased from our memories, I want them to remain with us forever. I am confident that if we remember we will be able to comprehend. And thus, each of us will do everything to ensure the tragedy is never repeated.

But first the war must be stopped! And those who can make it happen must take every effort to do so!

Our children and our parents must live in a peaceful, happy and prosperous Donbass!"

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