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Stories that you confided to us

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Andrii and Svitlana Plotnikov and Plotnikova

"The whole family went to a refugee camp"

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The Plotnikovs - Andrii Fedorovych and Svitlana Oleksandrivna raised their daughter Alla. In 2010, they decided to adopt three young children: Ivan, Polina and Victoria. We lived in Donetsk, in the Voroshylivskyi district, loved to walk with the whole family along the landscaped embankment, as well as relax in the park near the "Donbass Arena".

Children attended kindergarten and school. In 2014, in the summer, in connection with the ATO, the organization where they worked stopped paying wages, and the family was forced to move to the settlement of Myronivskyi, Donetsk region.

We lived here until January 2015 and received humanitarian aid from the Charity Fund "Aid", for which we are sincerely grateful.

Due to shelling of the settlement of Myronivskyi  in January 2015, there was a threat to life, and the family went to the Kharkiv region, to a refugee camp.

In March 2015, we returned to our native Donbass, to the settlement of Myronivskyi, closer to our native land, where we still live. Children study at a secondary school, at a music school in the piano class. We also attended a drawing club.

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