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Stories that you confided to us

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Liudmyla Kudelia

"I cried all my tears off when my husband's leg was torn off”

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Everything is burned down, there is nothing left. My husband and I spent ten years building a house. And the mines destroyed it in ten seconds.

At our age, we were left homeless. And I built everything with my own hands, not getting enough sleep and not eating enough. We also raised two children and worked.

Now I have no tears, I cried everything when my husband was injured. A shell fragment tore off his leg and his eardrums were concussed from the explosion.

I have been living in the summer kitchen for a week after the attack. There were few survivors of the explosions. The entire garden is littered with fragments of Grads and mines.

But there is no time to grieve and mourn the lost – we need to survive. I will be planting the garden, listening to the mines to hear if something happens – and in this case I will quickly run away.

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