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Stories that you confided to us

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Iryna Khurmatulina

"We buried ourselves in the ground during the attacks"

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Our village is located a few kilometers from the Donetsk Airport. The attacks started in 2014 and continue to this day. Every second house in our country is abandoned. People have left their homes.

We hid from the shelling in one such unfinished building. However, we still had to run through almost the entire field to reach it.

I remember how we buried ourselves in the ground or in the snow during the attacks. We even fell into storm holes. And then the building where we were hiding, could not withstand constant shelling and got covered with cracks.

People could not stand it, too. Those who had a chance left. Only pensioners remained, and life stopped. We have no shops, no pharmacies, and no place to buy bread. However, we do have electricity and water, and this makes us very happy. We remember how electricity was cut off, and we heated water over a fire.

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