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Stories that you confided to us

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Sasha Tsikavy

"In this war, most of what I am afraid of is losing my family."

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In peacetime, I just didn't want anything. I was born in the city of Yasinovataya. My family was dysfunctional. Mom drank and smoked, I didn't see dad at all. Since my mother was hardly at home, my brother and I were alone. I don't remember in detail what happened, but then, as I found out, my mother was deprived of her parental rights. I was about six years old.

My brother and sister and I were taken to a new family. My parents were believers, and I quickly felt the protection of God and forgot everything. Peacefully, without any fears, I lived for two years.

In this war, most of what I am afraid of is losing my family.

When the war began, I was not so much frightened, there was warmth and care of my parents in my soul. When I got home, the war was just beginning. Shots and explosions were heard all the time.

I remember how a tower was demolished on Mount Karachun. The TV channels spoke about the victims, the crying of mothers, children and the elderly. And then I remembered my childhood, all my fears came back to me again. I began to fear for my family that I might lose it again.

The tension only enlarged, I tried to calm myself, but almost nothing worked.

It is good that the war began to diminish a little. I want the war to end at last so that my family can sleep peacefully at night. So that children could easily go to universities without problems, elderly people were given normal pensions, normal salaries for adults.

Peace is an opportunity to fulfill all our dreams and ideas.

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