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Stories that you confided to us

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Vladlen Zarubayev

"They kill people who are not guilty of anything"

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Donetsk is our home, and the school is not far away. I'm in the fourth grade. My favorite subjects are computer science, art, and math.

War is when people die and where weapons are. They destroy everything. People are being killed; people who are innocent. When a person's family is killed, everyone cries and grieves for them.

I don't talk about the war.

Some people went to another place, that is, not to another city, but just to Donetsk and live somewhere there.

I want to become a teacher, because I want to teach children. I will teach you good deeds, I will teach you to be friends, and I will hang a poster on the wall so that you can always be friendly, not to fight, not to swear, and to live in peace. The main thing is to protect people.

To become a defender, you need to be kind and brave. I'm for peace.

Goodness. I wish you goodness.

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