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Stories that you confided to us

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Yuliia Shpileva

"It is never quiet here"

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To survive, we need to be able to quickly descend to the basement, three meters underground. I've been honing these skills with my three children for three years now.

We live on the outskirts, and it's never quiet here. When it exploded, the ground shook. It was very scary. The children were completely awake – there was nothing to calm them down.

The walls of our house were cut by shards of glass. The explosion caused the house to crack and collapse. But we have no choice – we have nowhere to go. That's why we live in this house.

In the neighboring Mykolaivka many houses are destroyed too, there were dead and wounded people. Many of people left.

We don't know what will happen next. Now everything is quiet and calm, and in a second shooting may start.

While it is quiet, the older children are tidying up the yard and want to set up a playground. The main thing is to save it.

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