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Stories that you confided to us

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Oleksandr Sinchuk

"Pensioners are counting their last coins"

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I remember the first time I brought a bag with humanitarian aid. My wife, who started unpacking it, began to cry.

 Before that, we ate canned tomatoes and cucumbers for a week. We had nothing else to eat and no money to buy.

 You see, we always had something tasty on the table. My wife is a great cook, and we could appreciate all these benefits every day. And when there was no hope, the mine was shut down – we were left without bread and butter, and my wife could hardly stand it all.

We saved every pretty penny we had, but money ran out quite quickly even though we bought only the most necessary things: bread, potatoes, and pasta.

Without doubt, when she saw tinned meat and canned fish, she didn't hold back, she lost her nerve.

 Now my housewife feeds us and brings hot food to an old neighbour. We also filed an application for our neighbour to get the assistance. So she will also get food in two weeks. Thank God!

 Can you imagine that pensioners are counting the last remaining money? And mothers with newborns do not know where to get money for baby formula. Disabled people were thrown upon their own resources! All payments and money are not available to them.

 This situation was impossible to imagine early in 2014. The fact that our lives will depend on whether the charities would come to the city or not was also hard to see.

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