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Stories that you confided to us

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Valentyna Bespalova

"Constant stress has brought a lot of harm to everyone's health"

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It was very hot outside (+38 degrees), and we didn't even have a drop of water. There wasn't any water neither for me or the cow. I have my own well in my yard, but the last time someone draw off water from it ten years ago.

The situation like this was happening all over the village. Some wells have water, but it is not suitable for use. Pets get sick when drinking this water. We collect rainwater to drink and wash.

Our crops have dried. There are cracks in the ground, and nothing grows anywhere. Our lives have become totally dependant from rain.  To be more precise, we do not live, we survive. We have to hide in basements every night, because the front line is nearby.

A strong fear captured us, we stuttered and could not speak after the attacks. We thought this will be the end of us.

Constant stress has brought a lot of hard to everyone's health. People receive small pensions, which  they spend on medication. There is practically no money to buy food on.

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