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Stories that you confided to us

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Sofia Tolmacheva

"We are waiting for peace every second"

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Oh, this war...

It has brought so much damage.

I used to be a perfectly healthy woman.

The war made me a cripple.

We are waiting for peace every second

I broke my leg and dislocated my hip joint. I can't even feed the dogs normally. I feel powerless. I have no strength at all. I can hardly see anything. There was a shooting range there. One day, when I was doing some gardening, I heard this rumbling sound. I fell on the ground. Maybe it was a mine. I don't know. I am not sure.

We are waiting for peace every second

We just want this to end. He was six months old when he got meningitis. I've been with him all the time. I got a trip voucher. He is 53 years old. I didn't leave him for one second, not for one minute. It's hard, but we have nowhere to go. I can't leave him. I am his mother.

We are waiting for peace every second

I don't know how to fix my house. It's broken, burned. The cow, chickens and turkeys were killed. And we were already leaving when our outbuildings were burned. We barely managed to get out of the kitchen.

They put us in one house, and then the owners came and told us to get out. Where should we go? I have nowhere to go, nowhere to go. Where should I  go? I am 78 years old, I am old and he is a disabled person of the first group. He does not talk. He can't hear. Furthermore, he suffers from epileptic seizures. It is horrible and so painful, very painful.

I would take a hand-barrow and search for coal. The houses are broken, the sheds are broken, and there is coal left  in some places. So I picked some coal.

Thank God, we have a roof over our heads and can heat it a bit. It is great to feel warm. Our neighbors are very kind, good people. If I feel sad, I go to them and talk to them. They cheer me up, and then it gets easier.

We are waiting for peace, we are waiting for peace every second, every minute.

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