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Stories that you confided to us

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Maryna Hyndyk

"Due to the shelling, Polina's condition has deteriorated sharply"

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We spend all our money on the treatment of our five-year-old daughter Polina. We live in a rented apartment in Kurakhovo. We haven't been home in Marinka for two years. It's quiet there one day  - then they shoot all day. How can you live there?

It was because of the shelling that Polina's condition deteriorated sharply. In Marinka, a child was sitting  for days in the basement, and shells exploded a few meters from the house. She developed  severe attacks of epilepsy. They have taken taken half of her life away from her. She has up to five attacks a day. Each of them is deadly.

In addition, Polina has a brain cyst, cerebral palsy, arms and legs are twisted, it is difficult for her to breathe. I don't leave the kid for a minute alone. She is constantly on my hands, we feed her reclining.

It is very difficult for us to buy medicines in wartime.

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