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Stories that you confided to us

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Bohdan Zinchenko

"I ran into the corridor and kept repeating, "They're just pigeons, they're just pigeons"

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1 September 2014

The bombardment of Horlivka started not so long ago. I was sent to school. I was the first one there, holding hands with my teacher. It's like someone was shooting somewhere. Everyone believed that shooting was far away.

A little time passed by

Some pupils went away. We had to stay in the classroom a bit because of the attacks. Suddenly the windows started shaking. They were old. We were all taken to the corridor. Everyone started panicking Suddenly, bullets began to shoot. They could almost reach the school.

Then it seemed that everything began to settle down. We were taken to the classroom and asked to stay away from the windows. That's how we spent all our time.

Summer 2015

Story 1

We played with construction kits in the constructor. I took it out. Suddenly the shelling started. I assembled the constructor quickly  and ran to the entrance.

Second story

Me, my friend and our moms were spending some time together. Suddenly the shelling started. We ran to a friend's apartment, it was closer. We sat down in the vestibule and decided to surf the Internet. "Run to the basements." We got bored, and the shooting went on and on. We decided to watch some cartoons. Then the attacks began to subside by 10 o'clock and stopped completely at 4:00.

Summer 2016

We lay on the sofa when they started bombing all of a sudden. Windows began to shake because of the bombing. Mother told me, "The attacks are unfolding right near Horlivka." Suddenly Grads hit the ground, we saw  the light in the windows. They shook, and things settled down.


My mother and I were about to go to bed when we heard a gunshot. I almost swallowed my toothbrush out of fear. So I ran fast.

The firing escalated. I quickly got into bed. Suddenly everything stopped. We could still some rambling sounds. However, they were not that loud. I quickly realised that it was pigeons perching on the roof of the balcony.

Suddenly we heard another banging sound! And I quickly ran into the corridor. All thing time I kept saying, "It's pigeons, it's pigeons."

I saw the shells flying. Finally, things calmed down. When I sat down on the chair, it started anew! I  ran to the toilet quickly. I sat for 20 minutes, went to bed and fell asleep.

My story

My name is Bohdan Zinchenko. I live in Horlivka. I'm a dreamy boy. I live with my mother and grandmother. However, grandmother lives in the apartment close-by.

I have friends and pets. I have a friend— Bohdan I love my pets —three Egyptian snails, a Guinea pig, and a pigeon. It is sick a bit and requires care. He has a fracture.

I live well. I love dancing and attend dancing classes. That's it, I can't write any more today, they're taking my notebooks.

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