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Stories that you confided to us

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Dmytro Shemet

"I couldn't believe that my city had changed so much in six months"

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I remember a long time ago, in 2010, I went to Yalta with my parents. I thought it was nothing interesting or fun, but I was wrong. I met my best friend there.

I went there again and again, and our friendship grew stronger and stronger. However, when it all started in 2014, we went there again, thinking that the war would end in two or three months. The months passed, the summer was ending, but the war was just beginning.

My father went to Donetsk for work, and my mother and I stayed in Crimea for some time. Winter came, my mother was very homesick and decided to go to Donetsk unexpectedly for me. And I didn't have time to say goodbye to anyone, I thought that I would come again soon.

When I arrived on the last train to Zaporizhzhia, I immediately saw my father's happy eyes. On the way to Donetsk, I saw these ruins, I could not believe that my city had changed so much in six months.

When I got home, I hoped it was over, but it wasn't. Years passed, I wanted to see my friend, but it never happened…

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