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Stories that you confided to us

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Elvira Yakhno

"I was afraid I would never wake up"

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Before the war, my family and I lived well. I did not know what were poverty, fear, parting.

Before the war, my family was a small one. Mom and Dad worked from morning to evening, and my grandmother looked after me and my brother.

Our grandmother is extraordinary. She doesn't bake pies nor tell fairy tales. But she is very smart, and I do not know a question to which she would not have an answer.

On weekends, my mother often walked with us, and my father and I loved to go to cinema. In the summer we habitually went to Berdyansk to see Aunt Lera. I lived very well.

2014 came as the beginning of all problems.

There was just one event that made this year not so terrible. This is the birth of my little sister Mila.

Everything has changed. Mom and dad divorced, my dad left. I often cried for my dad at night. I often did not sleep because of the noise of shells. The outskirts were bombed, so granny Sveta, my mother's aunt, moved to us.

The worst thing for me was to fall asleep near the window. I was afraid that the window would burst from the shells and I would never wake up again. Everything has risen in price. Perhaps, if not for the Headquarters of Rinat Akhmetov, we would have died of hunger.

We were a family with many children. Rinat Akhmetov's headquarters provided us with large packages of food. Not everyone can be that generous. Thanks to the Headquarters, we were not left hungry.

I want to see Rinat Akhmetov and thank him for his generosity, kindness, and for his sincerity; to wish him all the best. I also want to thank the team of Rinat Akhmetov. After all, they also try their best. Some travel around the cities, some assemble food in packages, and the rest count, record, load and do much more. Thanks to Rinat Akhmetov's headquarters.

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