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Stories that you confided to us

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Elena Sinychuk

"Surviving in a new place turned out to be harder"

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During the year I have been constantly strengthening my house. Due to shelling, cracks appear in the walls one after another. We add in the " ground beetle " [coal ash] so that the entire side of the house would not fall out. When there was a shock wave from the explosion, the doors with windows were torn out.

Three years ago we left Donetsk, we thought we would wait out hard times in Novobakhmutovka. 

But it turned out to be more difficult to survive in a new place - we did not receive our pension for a whole year, we had nothing to eat. 

Hunger and illness crippled the health of my husband, Stanislav Yakovlevich. Before the war, he was diagnosed with oncology and the cancer-affected vocal cord was excised. And two years later, another diagnosis was an intestinal tumor. Doctors managed to save my husband's life, but at any moment he may need urgent help. And we do not have a first-aid post, if an ambulance comes, it’s only from Ocheretino, provided that they have gas.

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