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Stories that you confided to us

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Liudmyla Dovga

"Children hear gunshots and explosions regularly”

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I stayed alive for the sake of my grandchildren, because I lost my daughter and son-in-law. I'm trying to get the little kids back on their feet.

Here we have no park or playground on the outskirts of Olginka. That's why I'm walking along a rural street with Katya and Kolya. It's a luxury for us if they don't shoot. And the last time they were shooting  – we didn't come out.

Children hear gunshots and explosions regularly”

We don't have destroyed houses, but children hear gunshots and explosions regularly. It was especially scary last winter. It was very loud, the glass in the windows rattled, the plaster fell down, it was very scary.

The troubles in our family began before the war. First, the children's father died, and a few months later, their mother also died of a heart attack. This is the second year I've been raising them myself.

Honestly speaking, I wanted to die myself. But then I overcame myself. Where should I put the children? They remember and love their parents, and often review the family album. Nine-year-old Katya still cries when she sees her mother's dress in the closet.

We live on social benefits and welcome any help.

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