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Stories that you confided to us

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Aliona Matiukhova

"All people want Peace!"

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The last three or four years have been very difficult for everyone. The war began. In the summer of 2014, I went with my friends and sister to a sanatorium in Mariupol. We stayed there for almost a month, but then all the children were taken away. We stayed with my mother in Mariupol. After that, my dad, my grandparents, my aunt, and my cat came to visit us. We left the parrot at home, as it would not have survived the move.

In September, I was sent to the 3rd grade of the Mariupol school. Mom and dad started looking for work. I only went to school for four days, and I didn't go to the fifth  grade because of the heavy shooting.

On Saturday, the first week of September, it was very scary, shooting began in the city. And on Sunday we went to Khartsyzsk, because my parents decided that there is no difference between these cities. There was bombing everywhere. In October 2014, I was already studying at my native school.

In the future, I want to study at a good university, get a job and live a normal life. I want adults to understand how important the peace is for children, because many are left without parents, friends, or a home.

All people want Peace!

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