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Stories that you confided to us

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The Zhdanov family

"We all really love our city Donetsk"

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Our ordinary family was born on July 18, 2004. But for us, each family member is special. Everybody has their own interests, tastes, friends, favorite places and cities. And of course, we all really love our city Donetsk.

It is a young city, but it has a comfortable, well-developed infrastructure, beautiful parks and a lot of playgrounds. Now, obviously, it is going through very difficult times, like all of us its residents.

There is no that freedom we used to have, such holidays and much more. Many people were left without their homes, and the worst thing - without their loved ones.

Why do we still live here? Because we believe that the day will come and all evil will vanish, as if it never happened. We will again be able to take the train to the Donetsk train station and go to any city of our native Ukraine.

Ukraine is also going through very difficult times nowadays, but we pray that the Lord to destroy all the evil, that the robbery and deception would end and ordinary people could live with dignity.

I’d like to talk about our family and, as always, I manage to write about the thing that hurts. We have two lovely kids. Senior Timur is now 11 years old, he is in the 5th grade, or even, he has almost graduated it. Younger Arishka is 8 years old, very funny and mischievous. We have a special family; we all love music. Dad and Mom are members of a worship group in an evangelical church. Our children study at a music school.

We encountered the [Rinat Akhmetov] Foundation when a campaign to support children with bronchial asthma began. One of the medications we needed (every day) raised in price very much, we were not able to purchase it, because with the start of the war, the company in which our dad worked just closed, and my mother did not work, since we had to continually be at home with children.

At first, I just couldn't believe that this could happen. We usually didn't get anything for nothing. We are very thankful to the Foundation and the Lord that in these difficult times we are not alone.

Our dream is for Timur to outgrow his illness, so that we would never need medicine. I think that all parents dream about it.

So, we wish everyone health, peace and prosperity!

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