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Stories that you confided to us

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Irina Zhuganova

In time of shelling, it seemed to us that life was over"

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We anticipate the winter with horror, because we live in a dilapidated house. But we cannot restore it, we have no money. Our village is on the line of demarcation.

It's very frightening to live here, it's scary for the children. When my daughter is at school or at a rehearsal, I’m less worried for her, because the center is calmer and safer than on the outskirts where we live. There is no sense of safety at home.

My daughter Nadia is seven years old, she is engaged in dancing, she is not afraid to perform, but she is scared to go home. So, I always meet her to walk along the road to the house together.

Once our house was under fire. It seemed to us that life was over, because one after another the shells fell down, there was a roar, after each fallen shell the windows flew out. 

We miraculously survived, and together with my daughter left the village, because it was impossible to stay in the destroyed room in winter.             

We lived with some relatives, then with others, in general, wandered for a while. We returned home only in the spring, when it became warmer. But housing has not been restored, we don’t have money. I have the salary of a postman; we restrict ourselves in everything. We try to save on food and clothing

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