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Stories that you confided to us

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Valentyna Andriivna Kunina

"My granddaughter lost her mother during shelling of Mariupol"

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My granddaughter, Anya, will never see her mother again. I said that mom is in heaven, and my granddaughter draws pictures and puts them on the window.

Anya was three years old when they fired “Grads” at Mariupol. A shell exploded under the house, the fragments flew out window - and Marina, Anya’s mother, was immediately killed. Anya was crying, screaming, and Marina was covered in blood ... We hoped so much that a miracle would happen, and she would survive. But the miracle did not happen.

At that moment the refrigerator protected Anya from fragments, but one still hit her in the head. The fragment was taken out, but the crack remained.

For a long time, Anya remained locked, incredulous, often sick, stopped walking with her peers. In overcoming the psychological trauma of the war she was helped only by rehabilitation.

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