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Stories that you confided to us

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Sasha Podorozhnyi

"One night in November, there was an attack. It was very scary"

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My name is Sasha, this is my diary. I was born in Donetsk and I still live there.


When the war came to Donetsk, my parents and I went to rest. Because of the military actions, we lived for one month in Sofiyivka, but returned to Donetsk on September 15.


My area is quiet, but one night in November there was a bombardment. It was very scary. My family and I quickly ran to the nearest bunker. My sister was born.


The school often started conducting training evacuations in case of fire. Because of the war, we were sent to distance education for a month. Explosions were often heard.


I went to a new school. There is almost no military action.


My mother started working in Donetsk city. A truck was blown up at the “Motel”. There were no more explosions in my area.


The military activities  ended. We can travel safely.

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