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Stories that you confided to us

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Mariia Yegorova

"Grad shells were exploding in our yard”

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I have nothing to feed my four children with, I am a single mother and I have not received social benefits for several months. You even have to borrow food.

The youngest son does not leave my side, my daughter goes to kindergarten, the older ones - Nikita and Daniil - are school children. At home, they all help me together.

State aid is our only income, but I haven't seen it in a long time. Thanks to the neighbor who gave me a bucket of potatoes the day before yesterday.

The whole family survived the attacks. The worst thing was in February last year, when “Grad” shells were exploding in our yard. Shrapnel hit the wall, the whole house was split, the windows flew out.

At the time of the explosion, I was in the same room with the children. Windows and glass fell into the room, the daughter jumped out of bed and immediately hid behind a chair. The younger one was lying on the bed, and froze in one place. I barely brought him to his senses.

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