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Stories that you confided to us

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Olga Chengaya

“We have been living in an old country house for three years - windows and doors were blown out in our apartment”

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Before the war, more than a hundred people lived in our multy-floor building, and now padlocks hang on almost every apartment. In our apartment the windows and doors were blown out. For three years we have been living in a house that doesn’t belong to us, it is an old cottage on the outskirts of Chermalyk. My grandchildren and I were allowed to live here for a while, but here we have no life. In the yard, a woman was wounded and a man was killed. We are troubled for the children.

My only daughter, the mother of Ilyusha and Olechka, passed away last year - her kidneys failed. About the fact that my daughter died, I did not learn right away.  

That day I fled from the shelling with their grandchildren to the basement.

We were here, in the country, she was in the city, in the hospital ...

All care for children is now on my shoulders. I'm not a pensioner yet, but there is no employment for me.

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