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Stories that you confided to us

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Eleonora Samosvat

"Mrs Lena, Serhii has a serious belly wound!"

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It must have been seven o'clock in the morning. We heard a roaring sound. Windows were shattered in the bedroom and in the kitchen. Then Liuba came and said, "Mrs Lena!" crying. I asked, "What is it?" "Serhii was badly wounded in his stomach." Two mines fell right where he was standing. We called for an ambulance immediately. He was hanging on the fence. Liuba was crying, her hands were shaking. As soon as the ambulance arrived... He was just hanging like this... He died on the way to hospital…

I was in Russia during World War II. I'm from Siberia. When I was in Siberia, how old was ? I was 13, I guess. And now I have to go through this again. They smashed up all the houses, fired everywhere. There were times when they wouldn't shoot for two days. But when they the started again, the village was on fire. When an attack was severe, I sat under the fence.

We are used to it, but we are afraid. As soon as they started shooting, I didn't know where to run and what to do. Oh, God!

I dream of peace. I wish it came as soon as possible. So that all people would live again as they used to before.

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