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Stories that you confided to us

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Pelageya Leontievna Parashchevina

"My old age has turned into a nightmare"

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Unexpectedly for myself, I became a witness to dreadful events. My calm, well-to-do old age turned into a nightmare.

I was born in 1940. I still haven't forgotten my hungry childhood.

The state assigned me the status of a “child of war”, and now I am also an old woman of war.

I suffered and survived the shelling of my house. In addition to all my illnesses, I also got a hypertensive crisis and daily heart pains. Nobody really helps, because my daughter and son-in-law are working.

But from the “Here to Help” Foundation I personally receive a package of products. I am pleased that someone takes care of me, gives me attention, and singled me out to the vulnerable 65+ category. Products are always fresh, indispensable for the family.

I am physically unable to obtain it on my own, and even to lift such a large package, they bring the aid home to me.

With thankfulness, I lay out the products in the right places and thank the Lord and you for the warmth and care for us - the elderly.

May God give you health, well-being and prosperity.

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