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Stories that you confided to us

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Natalia Suslova

"I rescue abandoned cats and dogs. I celebrated New Year with them"

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We don't have any open stores. The nearest hospital is more than 30 km away. Every second house in Vodiane has been destroyed. I collected two buckets of shrapnel from the yard. Everything was shattered by shrapnel. Our house was hit by the Grad shooting. Shells broke through the walls, but somehow they did not explode. The military came and pulled them out. In general, six pieces fell on our street but none exploded.

My health has deteriorated over the years. I lost 10 kilograms at once. My teeth started to fall out. I used to read the newspaper without glasses before the war, but now I have lost my sight.

Many pets left were without homes in our village. People went away and left them behind. So I am trying to save some cats and dogs. Some got picked up by somebody from the street, some - by neighbours. I feel sorry for them. They catch mice, they catch mice very well. I celebrated the New Year with them.

Here I have a conifer tree growing on the street, I even have small light bulbs, I used to hang these bulbs before the war. They decorated it, and everyone said, "Wow, that is so beautiful!" Now I do not have any wishes anymore.

I just really wish the war to be over.

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