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Stories that you confided to us

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Svetlana Yesaulova

"We pick up bullets like mushrooms"

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The shells went over the fence near the house, the fragments broke the glass, the stove in the house, the walls, the ceiling. The house is very cold; it is impossible to live in such conditions with three children.

We moved to grandmother, and her house is next to the industrial zone. Grandmother is seriously ill; her legs do not work. In her house there is a safe place - a cellar, there is stored a supply of food and water.

But in a damp shelter, children began to get sick more often. The youngest child stays in the basement since two years of age. It is impossible to breathe because of humidity, children constantly cough.

Due to constant shelling, children walk near the house, not moving away. When they start to shell, they immediately rush home. And due to the fact that they constantly shell, we did not plant a garden this year.

We have shells everywhere; we collect bullets like mushrooms.

I bring up three daughters alone. With the outbreak of the war, I lost my job, we survive on social benefits and humanitarian assistance from the Headquarters of Rinat Akhmetov.

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