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Stories that you confided to us

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Oksana Ivannikova

"Children’s attacks worsened due to constant shelling"

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My son, 10-year-old Dima, has cerebral palsy. He doesn't walk, doesn't talk, and can't eat on his own. Last time he was in intensive care, because the cramp did not go away even after the anticonvulsant injections.

Children’s attacks worsened due to constant shelling

We have accepted the illness of our eldest son. But the real blow for us was the diagnosis of the younger son -epileptic syndrome. I never thought that I would have problems with other children after the birth of my first ill child.

Children’s attacks have worsened due to constant shelling. We don't have a single whole house in Talakovka. They tried to leave, but had to return – the eldest could not live in that climate, he began to suffocate.

The only income in our family is social payments and almost all of it is spent on medicines. We have already sold everything, even the farm.

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