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Stories that you confided to us

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Ksenia Konstiantynivska

"Dad screamed: "Take your things, run to the basement!"

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I live not  in a city, but in a village. I'm starting sixth grade. I have a big family: my father, mother and two sisters. My favorite lessons are probably either drawing or physical education.

Dad screamed:

In 2014, we watched TV, then we heard: they started shooting. It doesn't seem to be much, we thought the drills were taking place. But then it started getting closer and closer, sirens started wailing. Mom immediately called dad: "What happened there?”. Dad shouted: "Take your things, run to the basement!”

We ran,  we were very worried about dad, dad was at work at the time, in the city. We were very worried about him.

Dad screamed:

Grandma stayed in the house, she could barely walk anymore, she was old. We were staying  in the basement for about three or four hours. There were some who cried hard, some who just were sitting quietly, some who were reading. They destroyed a high-rise building and many shops and houses.

War is very scary. People all sit at home or in basements, in cellars. No one contacts in any way, people do not walk. It's very scary.

I dream that we have peace in our country.

Dad screamed:

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