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Stories that you confided to us

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Leonid and Nina Aharkov

"We have no heating, we heat the house with a cast-iron stove"

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We have nowhere to go from Krasnohorivka, so we have pass the winter here. Without doubt, the elderly and people with disabilities have to struggle the most.

 I suffer from multiple sclerosis and the right side of my body is paralysed completely. This is the case when the medication does not help. I have no energy left, that's all. I can only feel something when I fall on the floor. My wife has to literally carry me around. I had been confined to bed when we married. I was already in this state

And it's not just me who needs help, but my elderly mother as well. She's over 90. She could not stand life under constant fire and fell ill.

We live like everyone else in our city. We have no heating, we heat the house with a cast-iron stove. When my wife sees it, she cries, remembering how cold it was in 2014-2015, and how terribly cold she felt. She put us to bed, wrapped us up, heated the bottles with water. She did not have time or things to do the same for herself.

Our pension payments are small. We must buy firewood, medications. So we never have enough money for food. We are forever grateful for the humanitarian aid.

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