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Stories that you confided to us

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Yuliya Viktorivna Kuliavets

"Shelled houses, schools. There was fear in people's eyes"

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It is very difficult to imagine what has happened to the Donbass since the Donetsk People's Republic was proclaimed. At first, we hoped that everything that was happening would soon end and we would return to normal life. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

I remember hearing automatic gunfire outside the courtroom where I worked. I was shocked and terrified. The court's management asked to remain calm and wait out the attack. In the evening we were told to stay at home until further notice. 

The city was seized by fear. District and regional administrations of the city were captured, and checkpoint were built.

A sudden explosion was a shot across the bow. It seemed to fall within easy distance. All the windows in the house shattered. The explosion was so strong that a sense of self-preservation forced my husband and I to urgently collect all the necessary things and immediately leave the city.

At first, when we settled in the city of Mariupol, we hoped that the conflict would end quickly and we would soon return home.

As time went on and the war continued, the clothes we were able to collect before leaving were no longer suitable for the season. We decided to return home during the truce between the parties.

We cannot express what happened in such a short time to my hometown. The houses, schools were shelled. The streets were not been cleaned for a long time. There was fear in people's eyes" You could see the pets that had to be abandoned searching for food and shelter.

Family and friends told us about what they had to go through during this short summer. It was very scary even to go to the shop. The attacks using heavy machinery happened every day and night.  I had to go down to the basement in the hope of waiting out this nightmare. 

In October 2014, the attacks still occured. We spent every second of life in danger. There was no hope that the war would end soon. So my husband and I decided to move to Mariupol again.

It was very difficult to rearrange our lives and find a regular job after moving. We had to adapt to the current circumstances, look for housing and a new job.

We managed to find a decent job in course of time and meet good people. I met them at work and spend my free time.

My husband and I have a home, a job, new friends, but we still have an irresistible desire to see our hometown free, our relatives happy and forget about the war that touched our lives.

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