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Stories that you confided to us

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Olha Verbiy

"I'm even afraid to think about how to pass winter"

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My grandson, Andrii Pavliuchenko, suffers from severe mental retardation. He is 20 years old, but his mental development is like that of a four-month-old baby. He hardly eats anything and rips off any clothes, suffers from sudden attacks of aggression. My mother, me and my grandmother, took care of him.

His mother died six months ago. She went to out to buy salt and bread and never come back. She was killed.

These misfortunes have ruined your health. I expend my energy taking care of my grandson. Andrii often needs to take hot baths. Otherwise, he may have the attacks. The temperature in the room should also be high. I'm afraid to even think about how to pass winter. The shed with coal is empty.

Still, Andrii needed to keep to a special diet. He only eats porridge. Volunteers bring help to the family every month, and this is the only way we survive. 

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