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Stories that you confided to us

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Vira Lazur

“We saw seven guns that were fired in our direction”

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In September 2014, my family and I left my village because they shot very hard there. When we went to another city,  we saw seven guns on the way, and they were shooting in our direction.    This moment I remembered the most.

My mom and sister moved to live in Mariupol. A year later, in the morning at 06:20 a.m. they started shooting very hard. One shell hit our neighbor’s house. She was lucky, because she left for work.

Two children in our village were injured suffered. They were my best friends.

My family does field works. When dad was working in the field, grandfather called him and told him to go, to take people out. As soon as my dad left, a shell fell on our field.   

Every time my dad goes to the field, I am very afraid of him.

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