Stories that you confided to us

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Stories that you confided to us

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Zhenya Melnikova

“We ran to the basement, but nobody openned”

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I was born in Donetsk, but after the outbreak of hostilities I moved to Rzhyshchiv, and then to Kramatorsk. My grandfather stayed in Donetsk at that time.

The war story happened to me after the referendum.    I went to visit grandfather. My parents went home, and they left me with my grandpa. Everyone in the building who supported the DPR was given the keys to the basement and was told that there would be shelling soon. Only we in our apartment and those residing in the surrounding one were not aware of the shelling.

When they started shooting, we rushed to the basement, but it was closed there –they did not want to open the door.

I sent such injustice! It makes no difference whose ideas you support and whose you don't. The most important thing is  a human life.

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