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Stories that you confided to us

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Tetiana Chaika

"We couldn't get away from the war"

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We have been unable to escape the war. After Mariupol was shelled in the winter of 2015, my daughter and I moved to the resort village of Sopino, in a house with no heating or water.

 My daughter is a disabled person. She was born completely healthy, but the vaccination, made when she was three months, made complications. Dasha barely felt her legs, but she could not say the first word.

 When the war began, Dasha's condition deteriorated. She suffered particularly severe stress after the shell attack of Mariupol. I was advised to move my daughter closer to the sea. We did so, but it didn't get any easier.

 The village is infested with mice. We no longer have the strength to survive in the same room with these rodents. They bit Dasha. And this place in Sopino also feels restless. There is fighting just a few kilometres away. The main expenses are for medications for Dasha's nervous system. Therefore, I have to save on food.

Dasha and I often go to look at the sea. And we always make one wish – peace to come as soon as possible.

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