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Stories that you confided to us

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Kseniia Konstantynopolska

"We were playing with dolls when the shooting began"

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In 2014, we went to the Zhemchuzhina Сamp, which is located by the Black sea, far from our home. Thus, mother came with us. She was our guide – me and my sister Vika.

We swam in the sea, climbed on the climbing wall, swam in the pool, visited the water park. By the way, it was on the premises of on the camp, just like everything else.

I really liked it there. However, when we were going to leave, they wouldn't let us go. We stayed in the camp for a month because of the war. Then we were allowed to leave, and everything was fine.

In 2014, (I will try to cut it short) when we were quite little,  We sat and played with dolls. Then we heard the shooting and buzzing sound. We sat there and then everything stopped. My sister and I sat and collected our dolls. Thank God, nothing bad happened. I am very happy.

We sat in the hall and watched TV when we saw some red, blue flashed in the window (it was night). Those were mines. We found unexploded mines in the morning. Then we found a very large mine in the field.

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