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Stories that you confided to us

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Lyubov Shevtsova

"We and our three children almost died”

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The shells landed in our hallway. The walls are broken, the roof is damaged and the side of the house is leaking. We and our three children were almost killed when a shell flew through an open door. We escaped to the next room. The house was full of smoke.

We and our three children almost died”

Our neighbors, a large family, also had their house completely destroyed and burned down. People left our village, and we didn't risk staying either. We were not here for three days while the situation was like this. The children spent all three days recovering from their experience.

The youngest daughter Daryna took it really seriously. She was only a year old then. Because of the whistling and roaring, she can not sleep well, cries in her sleep, says: «Shoot».

My eldest son Nikita wants us all to go somewhere far away from the war. He wants to be a musician, go to a music school and earn a living from it.

We and our three children almost died”

I'm so ashamed in front of my children. I can't give them everything I want.

We can't find a job in the village, and social payments are not enough even for food. The brothers wear shoes one after the other. This way we get by.

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