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Stories that you confided to us

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Tetiana Dmytrenko

"My family will never forget the cold morning of January 22, 2015"

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I'm a single mother of two. My family will never forget the cold morning of January 22, 2015. At 6: 30 in the morning, the first attacks on our quiet, peaceful, beautiful village of Mironovskyi began.

Grabbing the children from the bed, I ran to the basement of my Finnish home. It was very scary, terrible, the children and I were crying. Since the house is mostly made of wood, the floors and walls were shaking, the glass in the windows trembled, everything was shaking. The children screamed in fear.

We were sitting in the basement for a week. The attacks did not stop day or night. We were afraid for the lives of my children (the eldest was seven years old at the time, and the youngest was a year and nine months old), I decided to leave the village. The neighbors helped.

It was very hard and bitter to leave my home, where I and my sons were born. We cried all the way to Kharkiv. The parting was hard.

As soon as the truce was announced, we went home. We returned on the evening of February 23, 2015. My children and I enjoyed everything. There is no water, light, gas or heating, but we are happy: "Hooray! We're home!”

I went to the village on February 24 and didn't recognize him. There are no people, children on the streets, shops, schools, kindergarten, hospital do not work. Cats and dogs roam alone, birds are not heard. Houses are charred and smashed, shells from “Grads" are lying on the streets, windows in houses are broken, walls and roofs are broken and broken from shrapnel. Horror…

My kids and I don't want a war.
We want PEACE!

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