Stories that you confided to us

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Stories that you confided to us

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Mikhail Omelchenko

"Many people left, and many people did not survive due to injury or age"

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We have only the unknown in the future. We no longer even think about the fact that there is some other, normal life, we got used to this. Broken roofs, windows, houses, we drink unusable water from a well. Unsafe, but what canwe do? Although we are already sick of it, it’s so tasteless. For two weeks no bread has been brought to our place.

There are several generators for the whole village. One is in a high-rise building with a basement, so the residents moved there. I settled with friends whose apartment is next to this basement.

There are 15 people left in this house, two families live in the next house. In total, there are only 43 people in Opytnoye now, and before the war there were more than 600. Many people left, and some people did not survive due to injuries or age. Ambulances and firefighters don't come here. The village is completely cut off from the world.

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