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Stories that you confided to us

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Anastasia Dyl

“Cars exploded, trees burned, people ran”

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    My town is very beautiful. All people are friendly there. It was nice there before the war and after it everything got right there too. During the war, a lot of objects were shot there: cars exploded, trees burned, houses were hit, people ran on both sides of the streets and did not know where to go. Back then, I left for my great-grandmother’s place. Our Azovstal plant was on fire, and we were lucky that our house was not hit. After the war, we no longer have our dacha (country house) there, where I really would like to go. 

When it started, my mother and I were just waking up. My mum had a day off. We were going to have our breakfast and my mother heard something. And then we learned that the war began because people were running somewhere, everything around was exploding. Then we packed our things together with my mother, called a taxi and left. It was very scary – everyone was running somewhere. I did not understand where, what and why. I was five years old then.

   Now I feel safe because my friends, my near and dear ones are close to me, and life in the town has got better. But you can still hear some shooting, hear how something explodes. War is very dangerous and very scary; you can suffer and you can survive there, but it is very difficult, because you can come across some mines and all like that on every way. 

   We are trying to forget it as soon as possible. We play various games, go to school, study, read some books, play various games outdoors, in the yard. I have a dream – to see all this to be over as soon as possible, not to hear this shooting and feel completely safe. 

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