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Stories that you confided to us

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Roza Kuklina

"When there's a lot of shooting, we sleep in the hallway."

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The courtyard of our house has been deserted for a long time. With the outbreak of hostilities, all the inhabitants left. I have nowhere to run with my children. We live in one of the abandoned apartments.

After the divorce, I ended up on the street with my children. The Village Council helped me find a dwelling. But staying in the house is getting more dangerous every day. Wires constantly sparkle near the window, everything can light up. Windows flew out from the shelling, and shells exploded in the next street.

Now we are restless again. When there is a lot of shooting, we put pillows on the floor in the corridor and go to sleep there. The corridor is the safest place, and there is no basement in the house.

In order to distract themselves, my son Fedya spends hours building a constructor, and my daughter Violetta draws. She used to attend a hobby center, but now the only school in the village is  closed. And recently, local residents have literally taken it apart brick by brick. Children are forced to go to the neighboring village of Ocheretyno to study.

We don't have jobs. So all income in the family consists of the social payment for the youngest child. At the beginning of the war, I was not paid "children's" money during a year, and I could not find a job anywhere, because there were constant attacks and there was no one to leave the children with.

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