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Stories that you confided to us

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Iryna Nazarova

"When the bombing started, son lost consciousness"

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My son Dima is now four years old. Due to constant attacks, he suffered a serious psychological trauma and stopped talking. When he was two years old, he could speak quite nice, but then he got scared  stopped talking at all.

When the war started, we slept in the hallway almost every day. Since then, Dima rushes to save his loved ones as soon as he hears the explosions. He takes my grandmother and me by the hand, leads us to the hallway.. If he hears the shelling on the street, he closes his ears.

Each time he experiences the sound of gunfire more and more. When the bombing started, he lost consciousness one day.

We clogged our windows with plywood which protects from the blast wave. That's why, it is always dark in our apartment. I do not have money to leave with my child and mother. Plus, renting is expensive.

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