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Stories that you confided to us

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Yulia Pylypenko

"Every time my heart sinks because of fear for my son"

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Our school was closed, and my children could go to it. Now the eldest son, Sasha, goes to school four kilometers away in a neighboring village, and every time my heart sinks with fear. The bus crosses the roadblock, the child goes alone. And it is dangerous. God forbid they start shooting, where will he go?

We have four children in our family. Danylo is three years old, but he already knows what it's like in the war.

We live on the coast of the sea of Azov, we have a lot of problems in our village. Shops, children's health centers and recreation centers closed. There are a lot of abandoned lands that are not being cultivated due to the fact that a lot of shells fell on them. Even the water area of the sea near settlements is mined.

Three days ago, a mine got to the Livoberezhnyi beach. Our sea is shallow, the wind constantly blows, there are always waves. The mine can be dropped somewhere, and it can come here. There were cases when mines exploded. Fishermen go to sea very rarely because of it, and this could help them a lot earlier.

My husband works part-time in neighboring Mariupol, but there is still not enough money to feed our large family. We survive because we planted vegetable gardens and get humanitarian aid.

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