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Stories that you confided to us

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Natalia Shvets

"Due to the explosions and cold, my daughter is growing deaf"

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My daughter Vlada is eight years old, and she is growing deaf from constant explosions and cold.

Due to the explosions and cold, my daughter is growing deaf

We live near the village of Pisky. To prevent deafness, she needs silence and warmth. But we have neither the one nor the other here in our village.

Children's health is the most important thing for us. So we had to move to the other end of Netailovo and rent a private house.

Several times a week I come to visit our apartment and each time I hope that the gas supply has finally been resumed. But the batteries are usually icy.

 Heating In Netailovo has not been resumed for six months, because a pipe was damaged due to the shelling attack, and restoration works have not finished yet. Our homes are cold, damp, and mildewed. Therefore, the eldest daughter's congenital deafness worsens due to frequent cold temperature.

Due to the explosions and cold, my daughter is growing deaf

Children are warm in the house we rest, but even here we hear constant explosions. They make Vlad's hearing deteriorate. A shell exploded near a neighbour's house, and our roof was damaged by a shock wave. Vlada was very scared, because she had already experienced fire attacks with her grandparents.

 Vlada loves poetry and singing. She really needs hearing aids. We try to save money to buy at least the ordinary ones, but it is very difficult. We are a family with low-income. The state pays us 1060 UAH a month, and we lost our stable earnings because of the war. We have chickens and ducks, try to sell some of it and leave some for ourselves. This is how we live, skimping to save money.

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