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Stories that you confided to us

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Timur Trapeznikov

"Many good people lost their loved ones because of the war"

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Peace is a very unusual thing. Peace is everything that surrounds us. It is inside us. It is everywhere. But because people aren't perfect, the word "Peace" has taken on a different meaning. There is always a war before peace.

Peacetime allows you to do a lot, for example, to realize your potential in sports, at work, or just as a good person. War infringes on human rights, oppresses morally, and deprives people of their loved ones and material goods.

Alas, war broke out in our country. I can't blame anyone for this. I believe both sides of the conflict are to blame.

People become angry because of the war. They are mean and nasty. My mother also changed. She was taken advantage of, but praise be to God it settled down.

I moved from my city to another place. I didn't feel very good there. My friends and relatives stayed at home. This is the place where I grew up, so I can't leave it. It may be more interesting to live in other cities, but only for those who had to leave their homes and loved ones here.

I loved my grandmother very much, but I didn't see her for a long time because of the war.

My grandfather died during the war, and although I attended the funeral, I could not go to his grave in the cemetery because of the shelling. He was buried in another cemetery, because the place where he wanted to be buried, which was located near the airport in Donetsk, was shelled. And we couldn't bury him safely.

Because of the war, my friend's house was burned down by a shell. Many other good people also lost loved ones.

That's why I want the war to end. Then we will be able to live normal lives. People will be able to sleep peacefully again. They won;t have to be afraid for their lives. It seems to me that the people who rule our states will understand this and end this incident. Everyone will feel better then.

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