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Stories that you confided to us

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Dima Lubinskyi

"The condition has become acute because of the war"

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A common walk can end tragically. I have epilepsy attacks that can occur even after a slight pressure drop or a change in the weather. So the younger brother is always there for me. He brings me water if necessary, or gives me pills.

When things get worse, I can't help myself. I don't feel good straight away. In general, I have to avoid stress, so I decided to draw to keep myself occupied. My best works include cartoon characters.

I have been ill for three years, and the condition has become acute. We could hear everything: shots, Grads were flying above our house. Everyone was stressed and panicked. I have already been saved for several times in intensive care.

My mother did not risk staying in the war zone with an epileptic child, so we were forced to leave Makiivka. The disease progressed.

We returned home when we learned that the medicines I needed could be obtained under the program Medicines for Children . We can't buy medicines ourselves. My mother doesn't work because of my illness, and my father's salary is not enough to buy medication and provide treatment.

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