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Stories that you confided to us

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Mariia Aksenova

"I would like to return the lives of those people who died"

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This city [Donetsk] is native, cheerful and always prosperous. And it will always be like this for me.

Our children used to walk in the yard. Many of us used to have a lot of children! Everyone walked and was happy. Even though they are walking now, they are not the same as they were then. We used to walk for a very long time. All my friends who were in my yard left.

Now I have found new friends who are older than me. Although we are happy, but not as much as then.

I was afraid. My mother calmed me down. I told her that everything would be fine and that she would be with me all the time.

We left due to the fact that the shell landed nearby. It was right there at the next stop. In some houses, windows were blown out, and I sat in the partition because I was afraid.

I would like to get everything back to how it was before. To end the war. So that the whole world remains the same as it was. I want all my friends to come back and bring back the peace and life of the people who died.

I wish there had never been a war. Because it's pain, fear, fright. I don't want children or adults to see this. So that the world will be in kindness. So that there are more cheerful children and people.

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