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Stories that you confided to us

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Alla Bilych

"The main challenge was the war"

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I am a professional seamstress, worked at a factory in Bakhchevik, sewed clothes. But recently there are no orders, the shop went bankrupt. If the village would come to life at least a little, it would be easier for us, and we would have a job.

We moved to this village eight years ago from the Cherkasy region. I lost my parents early, my husband left the family. I was left alone with two children in my arms.

But the main challenge  was the war. When there was a lot of shooting, I hid the children in the far corner of the room – the only safe place in the house. There was only plaster falling down and the Windows were shaking when there was shooting.

Our old house began to crack at the seams. The grenade went along the house and fell. But I can't repair my housing, I don't have a job, and I don't have any social benefits. Keeping afloat helps the household. This is how the majority of Bakhchevik residents survive.

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