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Stories that you confided to us

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Basil Panin

"The main thing is to survive the war and place the children on their feet"

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Every day I live is a trial. In just one year, I lost both my wife and daughter. And I am left with three granddaughters. It's hard for me ...

 Before that, the girls lived with their mother. Shortly before her death, she turned to me for help, because their dad did not want to know them.

 Girls already understand and realize everything. For example, at nine, the eldest Albina sees that I need help with the housework from her.

Our village Sladkoe is located close to Maryinka. My granddaughters and I fled to the cellar from shelling more than once. Mines exploded in the yard, got into the farm, destroyed houses.

Surviving the war and placing children on their feet is the most important thing for me. To help them to grow as good people. And they are trying not to disappoint me.

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